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Before & After

Below are two sets of “Before & After” comparisons. On the left (2002 & 2003) my face shows visible signs of inflammation (puffy eyes and cheeks) and excess weight. I was in my early 30s doing very little exercise and eating the Standard American Diet (SAD) on a daily basis. I was working most of the day, and out of the house most of the night, so I spent very little time cooking or preparing meals. Instead, I was eating cheeseburgers, pizzas, fried chicken, Chinese take-out, etc.  I was also suffering from a variety of health issues like severe allergies and eczema, digestive and gastrointestinal disorders, headaches, and fatigue. I also got the common cold or flu often, just like most people, and visited the doctor once or twice a year.

lu before & after 2

On the right (2018) I am clearly in better health, showing signs of slowing, and perhaps reversing, the aging process. I was able to substantially reduce my seasonal allergy reactions and reversed all other health issues, including never getting a cold again. I have not visited a doctor’s office since about 2005.

This transformation did not happen overnight, it took many years of trial-and-error and experimentation; an inner-exploration and self-discovery that led to the optimum path, a healthy lifestyle that promotes healing and rejuvenation. It started as a simple curiosity about the connection between ancient Buddhist philosophy, Transpersonal Psychology, and modern Quantum Physics, and then it just snowballed from there.

lu before-after edit

Although most of my metamorphosis occurred from within, learning about things like meditation and yoga, I always remained focused on fitness as well, engaging mostly in outdoor activities like biking, running, soccer, basketball, etc.

It is important to keep in mind that spending all day working out, be it lifting weights or doing various kinds of cardio exercises, can be a great stress reliever and lots of fun, but it can also have negative effects on your body in the long run if you don’t know how to manage the oxidative stress created by long and intense workouts.

Even most professional athletes are not aware of this and that is why they suffer a variety of health problems later in life. When you are young your body seems invincible and it is easy to stay in shape. But as you get older things change, and having the correct wisdom and knowledge can go a long way.

The key is to work out smart and feed your body what it needs to repair itself, with an emphasis on healing and life extension instead of just building muscle. It is the wisdom and awareness of proper nutrition that has the power to slow down the aging process and prevent disease, and in some cases even reverse disease.

If you do a quick online search on what is the “best diet” or how to “eat right” or how to “burn more fat” and “stay healthy” or any other query related to health, nutrition, wellness, fitness, etc, the amount of articles, blogs, websites, products, and services that would pop up on your search would boggle your mind. You would probably spend days just going through all the data. As if that didn’t dissuade you, it would quickly become apparent that most of the data contradicts itself. Every person out there is different, and anyone who wants to make positive change in their life is faced with an impenetrable wall of contradictions, biases, opinions and all-out confusion when it comes to nutrition, health, and healing.

Of course, if you trust your doctor and modern medicine you probably have nothing to worry about, except the likelihood that you may become a lifelong customer of multinational pharmaceutical companies consuming toxic prescription drugs and being subjected to redundant and unnecessary procedures. I am not saying all doctors will lead you down that path, there are a few that may recommend proper nutrition instead of prescription drugs, but unfortunately in most cases the latter is the norm. The fact is that healthcare and medicine in this country is all about money. The patient’s health and well-being is secondary. A sad, yet persistent truth.

If you are like me, however, you probably like to engage in critical thinking and analyze all possibilities before settling on what is the “gold standard” on a specific subject. I take my time to explore all sides of a story and never listen to the mainstream only. That is basically what I’ve been doing for the last 12 years of my life, exploring every corner in the realm of possibilities in the fields of natural health & healing, holistic nutrition & wellness, weight management & fitness, life extension & anti-aging, and many others.

Lately you can find all kinds of fitness “gurus” on the Internet. Most of them are in their 20s and 30s, so it is not that difficult for them to look young and fit. It is also important to keep in mind that you may look thin and fit, but not necessarily be healthy. Your outer look is just skin deep, what’s inside is much more important.

I am not a fitness trainer or coach, I am much more than that. Not only can I help people get fit, lose weight, and feel better, I can also help them be healthier, look and feel younger, have more energy, stamina, endurance (in every sense of the word), better focus, better sleep, better sex, etc. It’s all about what you put into your body. It’s about eating the right foods at the right time and in the right combination. It’s about eating and not eating when you are supposed to. It’s about doing the right exercises at the right time and in the right combination. And you actually save money because you eat less and don’t need a gym membership… go figure!

Join me in my path of further exploration and empowerment. Let me help you start your own journey today.

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