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Back from Break

After a long break from writing and posting on my site, I now feel ready to jump back into the driver seat and continue moving forward. I started this project back in October 2018, while taking a short break from my studies, and decided to put together the Axiom Holistix site and publish a few short articles.

Whether they should be called “articles” or “blogs” is still nebulous to me. This piece, for example, is what I would consider a “commentary” or “update”, where I discuss a variety of topics, mostly from my own experiences, and just ramble on in a stream-of-consciousness type of mode; while an “article” would be a piece that addresses a specific topic providing anecdotal and/or scientific evidence.

I tried to continue writing and publishing while still studying, but it quickly became obvious that I would end up sacrificing quality of content in one or the other, so I chose to put the project on hold until I had completed my studies (more on that below). Instead of writing and publishing my own material I decided to publish and share a few high quality articles from third parties that I felt would contribute to inform and empower those of you who genuinely care about alternative health, holistic nutrition, wellness, fitness, etc, including their social and political underpinnings, as is the case with the Wikipedia reports.

For the last two years I have been diligently studying, reading articles and textbooks, writing reports and assignments, and taking exams. I can now proudly say I am a Certified Master Level Nutrition Consultant. The 2-year course was a bundled combo of four certification courses: Holistic Nutritionist, Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, Weight Management Specialist, and Sports Nutritionist. The education organization is known as AFPA, or American Fitness Professionals and Associates, one of the most respected organizations in the field.

All four courses are extremely interesting. My favorite was probably the Nutrition and Wellness Consultant course, where I practiced very specific concepts related to nutrition counseling and education. This field is not just about learning the benefits of eating the right foods or dieting, it also involves complex psychological processes that are necessary to achieve and retain behavior changes that can effect a person’s life in very positive ways, be it physically, psychologically, and/or spiritually.

I probably learned the most new concepts in the Sports Nutrition course, where I was unfamiliar with certain details about professional athlete’s lifestyle and nutrition. For example, I have always remained ambivalent about the claim that all athletes need high amounts of protein, mostly from animal sources, to build muscle. Yes, you do need some protein, but most athletes think more is better and end up overdoing it. The latest research and scientific studies show that too much protein can have detrimental effects in the body, especially later in life, even for young athletes.

And it is not that I really needed to take these courses to amplify my knowledge about natural healing, nutrition, and wellness; it was rather a useful addition of exoteric concepts to the vast arsenal of esoteric knowledge I have accumulated in the last 12+ years. The whole process was more of a formality, which allows me to start my own practice with a piece of paper that basically says, “yes, I studied this and passed all the exams”. But the true power and knowledge comes from experience, practice, and dedication, something that I started to develop many years ago.

In addition to studying, for the last year and a half I have been collecting (virtual) stacks of articles and videos that I feel the need to write about, mostly to debunk or disprove the often-ridiculous assertions and claims being made. The half-baked claims about nutrition, alternative health, wellness, aging, chronic illness, etc, that seem to reign free in the “blogosphere” these days have kept me constantly checking the latest publications, mostly from mainstream sources. The vast majority of what I see published regarding health, nutrition, and fitness is at best partially correct and at worst completely wrong and misleading.

That does not mean that everything I read in the mainstream is wrong or misleading. I have found many articles that actually mention the benefits of certain foods, vitamins, and herbs, but always in a very superficial and almost dismissive way. And, of course, there are many alternative websites, blogs, sources, etc, out there that publish quality material, which helps me garner a solid base of evidence for future articles. I do emphatically recommend using alternative search engines instead of Google, such as DuckDuckGo, which gives more unbiased and objective search results.

The hard part has been to actually find the time to sit down and write. So “here I go again on my own!” or “I’m back in the saddle again!” (Sorry, I’m an ex pro musician), taking on the world, trying to make it a better place. This includes my attempt to actually learn how to use Instagram, something I have neglected to do for years (I can barely deal or put up with Facebook anymore, so I have refused to venture into Instagram or Twitter, or whichever app has the public’s collective mind in a choke-hold) so I keep putting it off, while sluggishly lurching towards my first post. (Be the first one to see it!). And if you haven’t “liked” Axiom Holistix on Facebook yet, please feel free to do so now.

Buckle up and grab some munchies (preferably a big bowl of fresh organic green leaves or a cup of raw nuts and seeds), because it will be a long and bumpy ride. Cheers to all and thank you for sticking around. Stay tuned.






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